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2018 ISCA Lifetime Achievement Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
Annually, recognition is given to an individual who has made major contributions to the school counseling profession in the state of Iowa. The nominee must:

• Hold a Master’s Degree in School Counseling or its equivalent
• Have worked as a school counselor, district administrator of school counseling programs, and/or AEA school counseling consultant
• Maintain high moral standards in their personal and professional conduct.

Criteria for recognition:
• The nominee has been responsible for innovations in professional school counseling programs, for providing leadership in the further development of existing school counseling programs, or for performing an outstanding service to the school or community.
• The nominee has contributed to the professional development of school counselors at the local, area, or state level.
• The nominee has represented the interests, needs, and concerns of school counselors
• The nominee has impacted the future of school counseling in Iowa.
• The nominee demonstrates exemplary support and promotion of professional school counseling services.
• The nominee demonstrates the implementation of new/additional professional school counseling services
• The nominee should demonstrate the improvement of professional school counseling services.

Procedures for nomination:
• Complete Nomination Form
• Letter of nomination. This letter should contain a description of the program(s), activities, and/or contribution(s) for which the individual is being nominated (not to exceed two pages).
• Vita (resume) for the nominee (not to exceed two pages)
• Letters of support (not to exceed three letters).

Final Application must be uploaded as one PDF.

All applications are due by September 15, 2018.

Lifetime Achievement Packet 2018

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